The Prix Galien Canada - 3rd Award aimed at celebrating outstanding achievements in research against COVID

Here are the guidelines for entry submission:


  • Research must be performed in Canada. Collaboration with other countries is acceptable provided there is clear evidence of Canadian leadership and funding
  • Research may include a new diagnostic tool, a preventive approach including the development of a vaccine, enhanced understanding of disease mechanisms, or a therapeutic approach to the disease.  
  • Nominations will be accepted from both the academic and industry communities
  • The diagnostic tool, treatment approach, or vaccine should be entering human trials by early 2021 and must be accompanied by registration on a clinical trials regulatory website. For contributions that enhance understanding of disease mechanisms, a clear path to novel diagnostic, preventative or therapeutic advances should be evident.
  • The award will be given to the individual or team who demonstrate greatest likelihood of enhancing the health and/or reducing the impact of COVID -19 on Canadians


Submission form Prix Galien Canada 3rd Award 2020

Along with the registration form, companies will be asked to please send a cheque or make a direct deposit in the amount of $ 2,500  to Innovation Life Canada. Universities will be asked to send a cheque in the amount of $ 500.  The registration fees will help cover the cost of the files analysis.  Thank you.


The 2020 registration is now closed, thank you.